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Artists and Craftsmen, Issue #002 -- 'tis The Season for Cool Stuff
November 05, 2012

Brothers-Handmade Artists and Craftsmen
Let's Sell Online!

November 2012 - Issue #002

Tis the Season to ramp up your online sales. In this issue we'll discuss several important tips, including:
  1. Who are You and What Do You Do? - Inquiring Minds Want to Know
  2. Market Thyself - Link to your stories and products
  3. Happenings at BH

Who are You and What Do You Do? - Inquiring Minds Want to Know

There's a face and a story behind most quality handmade craft and artwork pieces. People want to know. It makes the piece particularly special when a customer feels as though they know something about the Artist or Craftsman who created it.

Checkout the Brothers Handmade Featured Artist pages. We have been collecting little bio interviews of Artists and Craftsmen exhibiting at BH. We plan on highlighting bytes from these interviews, in our Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

Do you want some publicity for your products? Start here, by filling out an Artist Interview. Once we have your answers, we'll put together "Your page." Then you can plan on seeing excerpts from your "interview" in the BH blog, on our Facebook fan page, and as Tweets. Of course we'll also place links to your shop in the BH store as well.

While you're at it, remember to keep your products fresh in the store. Keep adding great products, descriptions, and photos.

Then you'll be telling people Who you are and what you do, because Inquiring Minds really want to know.

Market Thyself - Link to your stories and products

Your products are Awesome! You have decided that you would like to sell some of your awesome works online for a variety of reasons, perhaps including:

  • You can reach a very large group of people from far away places, online
  • It's much less expensive to display and sell online (shipping, time to post, sales fees) versus (application and festival fees, gas, hotel, weather and foot traffic risks).
  • More time in your studio, doing what you like to do - creating
But how can you market yourself?

Facebook - Remind your Facebook friends and/or Fans (if you have a Fan page) that you can be found in the Brothers-Handmade store. And be sure to provide them with a link to your BH shop. Simply open your page at Brothers-Handmade and copy the web address. Typically it will be similar to:

If there is a particular product you would like to link to from Facebook, simply go that product's Detailed description page, and copy the web address from that page in the store. Typically it will be similar to: (products have the .html tacked on the end, but not Artists' pages)

And in Facebook when you include a link, it will actually show a thumbnail picture with your post.

Twitter - If you have a Twitter accout, post yourself or product links the same way as above. Now because you are limited to 140 characters, you may want to convert your links into a shortened web address. It's easy. Just go to, and paste in the web address from your shop page or product page. It will spit out a short web address that you can copy and paste into your Twitter (or anywhere else) post.

Email or Newsletter - Some of you have created a newsletter using Constant Contact or similar service. Be sure to include your shop link or product link in these communications to your friends and customers.

Pinterest - This is a really hot place to post awesome pictures of your awesome pieces. Once you have a Pinterest account, you can "Pin It" when you are at your Product page at Brothers-Handmade. A link back to your product will automatically be created in Pinterest.

Business Cards - Design your eye catching business card using a free service such as Include a link to your shop on your card. Again to get that link, go to, then click on your business name in the left column. The web address at the top which should look similar to: is what to print on your card.

Now go get 'em! There are many, many people out there in the cyber-sphere that want beautiful products like you are making. Help them to find you and your beautiful products. Stop keeping them a Secret!

Happenings at BH

New Look and Feel - We've been busy working with our Developers and Hosts to design and develop a slick, easy to use (for both Customers and Artists) website.

Based on user experience feedback from both Customers and Artists, we are very excited to get this new version developed, tested, and launched. Look for the newly designed Brothers-Handmade site in January 2013. I know, would have been nice for this Holiday season, but Good things come to those who wait. This will make 2013 that much more Awesome.

Price Categories - Take a look in the left column of the store ( We've added price categories:

  • $0 - $25 (I suppose we should have made it $1 - $25, but...)
  • $26 - $99
  • $100 and up
When you are setting up your products, choose one of these categories as an "Additional category". Just hold your LEFT mouse button down, and select as many of the Additional categories that apply e.g. Gifts, $26 - $99, Glass, etc.

Marketing - We also are concentrating on Marketing. We've hired a Marketing Firm to help us get the word out about the amazing Artists, Craftsmen, and products we have. If you haven't already - become a Facebook fan at

Your Thoughts - There is so much collective wisdom out there. Be sure to share great tips and ideas, also let us know how are we doing? Simply email or use the Contact us form. We really love hearing from you - no matter what you have to say.

Happy Online Selling,

Rob and Joel
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