There was a segment of a person's life ...
There was a vision of creativity ...
There was physical material ... 

Hands laid upon this material, forming the creative vision - Handmade

With this time, creative vision, and material, Artists and Craftsmen, using their own hands, transformed these basic components into unique handmade pieces that can never be exactly replicated.

These unique, one of a kind pieces, how they are made, and who makes them are found in the pages of Brothers-Handmade, and the store for quality handmade.

Brothers Handmade has been scouring the country looking for the most interesting, high quality, and beautifully handcrafted Jewelry, Pottery, Quilts, Soaps and more.

Within the content pages, you will find inspiring stories of top-notch quality Potters, Soapers, Jewelers, and Quilters.

Feeling Crafty yourself?
We provide you with recipes, instructions, and how to videos for making your own quality crafts.

You will also find links to high quality Artist sites, Guilds, and galleries of their works.

We are so completely impressed with the skill and creativity the Craftspeople of America have exhibited.

The Stories we've heard from these Craftsmen and Craftswomen are captivating and awe inspiring.

Take a few minutes and lose yourself in some of the most fascinating, unique, and high quality crafts that the Artists of these pages bring.

Read their stories of trials and tribulations. Watch their how to videos on topics including Soap making, Pottery, Quilting, and Jewelry making.

Come along for the ride as we visit some of the best juried Fine Arts and Craft festivals.

We will discover artistic secrets, tricks, and must know methods for producing the best in handmade items.

Experience - Brothers-Handmade exploration of the crafts.

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