Belleck and Willets signed Pitcher

by Julia
(Pinson, AL, U.S.A.)

I have a Belleck and Willets pitcher showing blackberries on stems with green and white foliage, as well as pink-and-raspberry-colored leaves. The background is shades of creams-to-coral-pink and light green shades. The handle is shaded-greens, starting at the top to darker shades toward the bottom and is scroll-like in style. There is a signature on the pitcher to the right of the base of the handle, but I cannot completely read it and would like to know the artist's name. I can describe the signature beginning with the first letter as looking like a capital T with an L to the top of the T which crosses the T in the middle. The second letter looks like a capital J with the base of the J touching the base of the capital T. The next three letters look to be "oud" in lower-case letters. The ud has a line drawn underneath. There appears to be three more letters which are very faded, which possibly could be "ias." There is also a number "453" on the bottom of the pitcher, which appears to resemble a pencil marking.

I inherited this pitcher from my mother. She was married in 1934 and I'm guessing that she might have received this as a wedding gift or possibly she purchased it herself. I am interested to know if this pitcher is authentic. The pottery marking resembles a "vine" with 3 loops anchored on a "base" or "shelf."

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