Handmade Lampwork Beads

Handmade Lampwork Beads refers to the art of forming molten glass into a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs using a torch to melt the glass. On this page we will mostly be showing you examples of mandrel wound lampwork glass beads. A mandrel is a metal rod around which the molten glass is wrapped. The mandrel serves not only as a tool to hold the molten glass, but once the bead is finished and the mandrel is removed, a hole remains through which the bead can be strung, or otherwise mounted for displayed.

Below are a series of more advanced lampwork bead making videos. In the first set of videos, lampwork bead making artist, Louise Mehaffey will demonstrate making silver stringers using silver foil and ivory glass rods.

Pulling Silver Stringers continues with Part 2 below

Next we show the advanced lampwork technique of making
Twisted Silver Stringers.

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