Handmade Unique Engagement Rings

There is a very important decision to be made before shopping for handmade unique engagement rings, arguably even more important than whether or not she’ll say “yes”.

That is, will this handmade engagement ring be worn with the wedding band for years to come, or will it retire to the other hand or the jewelry box when the more practical wedding band is worn? In some cases, a bride will wear a “pre-engagement” ring of beautiful but less expensive material while she and her betrothed shop for the set that often requires a great deal of time and thought for such an investment.

The length of time a bride plans to wear her engagement ring is crucial when deciding which to buy. Often, a woman will select a less expensive, yet more artistic and elaborate engagement ring to suit her style. Handmade unique engagement rings worn for a few months to a year will not need the long-lasting qualities as those worn through all life’s daily tasks for ten or twenty or more years.

Often handmade unique engagement rings incorporate more gems than a traditional engagement ring, which formerly featured all diamonds, and white or yellow gold. Now, more brides are choosing non-traditional jewelry as well as unique and artistic weddings, and a more plain-looking engagement ring may not fit her style.

Common examples of short-term handmade unique engagement rings might be: clusters of pearls and white gemstones, a large gemstone in the bride’s favorite color or birthstone, wire-wrapped or modern pieces in art deco designs, a reworked family heirloom that incorporates a few of the bride’s favorite styles, and so on.

When looking for a handmade unique engagement ring, it’s natural to focus solely on sparkle and size rather than look for the quality that will lead to a long-lasting treasure. While there are very skilled ring craftsmen and women, it’s important to discern whether your ring is of the finest materials and crafted in the most solid possible ways.

Even if the engagement ring is not to be worn after the wedding date, a savvy bride will want a ring that will be excellently crafted and hold it’s quality, even after it’s passed to the next generations.

The easiest way to guarantee good quality handcrafted engagement rings is to examine these aspects of each piece:

  1. Gemstones. All gemstones should be clearly labeled and there should be no doubt of the authenticity. Handmade jewelers should always be able to tell a shopper which pieces utilize which gemstones. More expensive gems, such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and the like commonly have a certificate of authenticity. If a ring boasts genuine gems and a high price tag, it’s natural to expect such a certificate, and the craftsman should have no problem if the buyer wants the engagement ring appraised.
  2. Metals. As with all handmade jewelry, the metal should never be so thin in a place that it could easily break or wear. Any piece, no matter how inexpensive it may be, should never fall apart on the wearer. Check any tongs that hold gemstones, the “corners” of a ring where the band connects to the main gem or decorative element, and take a careful look at the underside that is otherwise obscured by the wearer’s finger. The designer should be able to say exactly which metals were used in the creation of the ring, and offer proof if high quantities of gold, platinum or solid silver were used.
  3. Shape. The shape of a ring not only influences whether or not it will fit the buyer, but how it will interact with her lifestyle. If a ring needs to be sized to fit well, ensure that it can be sized without undermining its strength and quality. Once that’s determined, a ring with a great cluster of gems, sharp corners, or an otherwise unique shape may be problematic when reaching into bags, pockets, or sleeping. If the shape incorporates sharp corners, a woman can guarantee runs in her woven clothing and potentially scratching herself and others. One common test is to run the piece up and down against a smooth fabric like silk. Whether it snags or not is an indicator of what to expect in future wearings. Even for rings that aren’t to be worn for long periods of time, it’s important to evaluate their compatibility with the wearer’s life and leisure.

It is natural for a bride to want a ring that is unique to her. With handmade unique engagement rings, it’s much easier to order a special design from the handmade designer where as larger jewelry manufacturers wouldn’t provide the same level of service.

When ordering a ring special-made, it’s important to answer the aforementioned questions and establish the best ring to suit the bride’s style. A good handmade jewelry craftsman or woman is always willing to assist the happy couple.

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