Handmade Wooden Jewelry Box

So it’s two years later and you have been going to shows and shopping at Brothers Handmade, purchasing quality handmade jewelry from our craftsmen and now you need a place to keep it. Since, now I’m guessing here, the jewelry is all handmade, I would think that a handmade wooden jewelry box is in order. By the way, we know some of the best woodcraft people in the business. I talked to some of them and researched this article on handmade wooden jewelry boxes through them. It turns out this is an art form unto itself. Price ranges are huge. Wal-Mart $25. Doubtful if you will be able to pass it on to your daughter. A “Boudreau” $1,000 and your great grand daughter will be passing down THIS handmade jewelry box to her daughter!

This is a situation where you get what you pay for. Knowing the craftsmen, we know its safe to say, a wooden jewelry box by someone like Ed Youtz will last a long time with minimal care. I’m also sure that a custom handmade jewelry box made with the woods that you request, is a distinct possibility.

How cool would it be to select wenge for the feet,

Cocobolo for the body,

and ancient kauri for the top

inlaid with sassafras?

Put some fine brass hinges on it and look out, a custom handmade wooden jewelry box of your own.

A piece of art holding a piece of art.

Or in this case a lot of pieces of art. I already know that most of your jewelry is “unique” so it truly is fitting to have a piece like this.

Old versus New

So we’re at a decision point: New or Old?

Older jewelry boxes have a lot going for them. Now I’m not talking about factory made here either. I’m referring to a quality wooden jewelry box. These makers of heirloom handcrafted jewelry boxes have some incredible talent. These craftsmen of yesteryear ONLY had their hands and hand tools. Knowledge and need were the driving force behind them. Chances are (if your lucky) you might have a box made by a local craftsman, known only to his or her community at that time. Now, 50 years later we find out that this person’s work is highly prized and sought after. It really does happen all the time.

How about a new one? Well there is definite potential here. My first thought would be to check out as many as possible. Craft shows, consignment shops, local fine furniture craftsmen, fine art box makers, there are many artists that specialize in this work. They compete against each other at the craft shows and the competition makes them better and better. You know what, that makes it better for us too. 400 Wooden Boxes published by Lark Books, and many magazines cover wooden jewelry boxes.

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