Help ID Early American Pottery Mark - Chubby Dog w/ Sign

by Renie

Don't have a picture I can put on the internet at this time. Maybe this description will help somebody help me. I have spent HOURS
reading until I'm bleary eyed and searching the internet trying to ID this vase.

Beautiful, in excellent condition, round column vase w/ gold rim, hand painted flowers of soft purple, soft yellow on soft turquoise and peach background....12" tall, 3 1/2 " diam. and faded "kinda" engraved looking mark on white bottom with age worn edges seems to be a cute chubby dog, maybe holding a sign in it's mouth???
I HAVE NOT been able to find this mark listed anywhere..???

Pretty sure it's American. The vase belonged to elderly woman in W. Va. I've had it since circa 1967 and it was old then.

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