Help Identify Maker of Dinnerware

by Julie
(North Carolina)

I'm looking for some casual dinnerware that my grandmother used to own. I do not have access to the large plates and soup bowls.

The plates themselves were round, white in color, heavy, but didn't chip easily. When they did chip, the white underneath was exposed. The middle of the plate or bowl was white. The only coloring was the red cherries and green leaves with small brown stems on the rim approximately 1-2 inches wide. The cherries themselves were large, not tiny ant sized dots. If you saw the plate from a 15 foot distance, you could tell that it was cherries lining the rim. My grandmother was born in the 1900's and living in PA all of her life, finally settling in a small town called North East, PA near Erie. She did live in Washington, PA for a few short years with my grandfather. My grandparents owned several acres of vineyards and fruit orchards. I do recall an inscription on the back, but not the name.

I've been looking for specific manufacturers during the 30's-50's thinking that would be around the time they would have purchased them. Then it occurred to me that they may have bought them with green stamps - but not sure if I have the timeline correct as to when those stamps began.

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