Help Identify Pattern and Year of Edwin M. Knowles Vegetable Bowl

by Mary

I have what I think is an Edwin M. Knowles vegetable bowl. It has the "pot" mark with 4 big diamond and one small diamond at the bottom of the pot or 5 in all? The vitreous is blurred and semi is not present or cannot be seen. It seems to have three sets of numbers under the Made in USA mark. The first one or two numbers cannot be seen or are not there. There is what seems to be a smudge of green ink there. Following the smudge is 45-1. I think I know that means at least January of 1945. Edwin is blurred and M. Knowles is present under the pot.
The edges of the bowl are "lined"? pattern going down from the edge about 1 and a half inches, about a finger apart and it is a white bowl. In the center of the bottom of the bowl is what appears to be a pink rose, or some pink flower in the center, with green and brown leaves around it with an open yellowish flower and a closed yellow brown flower all together on the same stem. There are three other little flowers that are greenish white brown with three yellow round "seeds" in the middle of them.
Can you tell me what pattern this is and exactly how old it is? I would also like to know if I can use it in the microwave/oven? Not saying I would but I wouldn't want to ruin it. It has no glazing cracked marks at all. Also, do you know the value of it. I found the exact pattern from someone's picture mentioning pattern but is incorrect. That has been the only place I have seen the exact pattern.
Can you please help. Thank you so much!

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