Invited Artists Page

How to Setup Your Artist/Craftsman Account

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your Username and Password provided by Brothers Handmade.
    • If you need a new Username or Password, email: using your email address registered with Brothers-Handmade.

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    Payment methods

    1. On the Left side of the Provider Area, go to the Management box and click on Payment methods.
    2. Check the box next to PayPal.
    3. Click the Update at the bottom
    4. In the Payment methods box, under PayPal method, Click the Configure link.
    5. Select Website Payments Standard
      • Account: Enter your PayPal email address
      • Description of the purchase... Enter your company name (if applicable, otherwise leave blank
      • Currency: U.S. Dollars
      • Order prefix: Leave blank
      • Test/Live mode: Live
      • Action to be performed on order placement: Auth and Capture.
      • Skip down and Click Update button
    6. Return to Payment Methods screen
    7. Verify a check is in the box next to PayPal, and No Check is in the box next to 2Checkout
    8. Click on the Update button below

    How to Add, Modify, or Delete Products

    Here's a short video to help walk you through the steps of adding products to The written steps are below the video.

    To Add a New Product

    • On the Left side under "Catalog" click on Add new product
    • Click Upload image
    • If your picture is on your personal computer, under "File on your local computer", click Browse.
    • Find your image of the product you want to display. File size should be less than 10 MB. Click on the picture file. Note: The more Square (length and width close to same size) your image is, the better.
    • Then click Open in your File Upload window
    • Next click Apply in the Image selection window. After a minute the image will display in the store.
    • Now click Generate a thumbnail
    • Click on Save near the bottom of the Product Images section
    • Scroll down to select applicable Main category (Click drop-down arrow)
    • Scroll down to Additional categories select any additional categories that you believe represent your item. Hold down your control key to select multiple Additional categories.
      Note: If you think we need to add Additional categories, email:
    • Manufacturer Using drop-down arrow, select your company or name.
    • Availability - using the drop down arrow, select "Available for Sale" if your item is for sale. Note: If your item is sold out, select Disabled
    • Product URL - Link can be used to send to friends or post on Facebook, and will take visitor straight to item
    • Skip SKU
    • Product name - Enter unique, attractive, captivating item name
    • Skip Clean URL - for now. May enable this feature later
    • Search keywords - Enter words or phrases that a customer might enter into the search field in the store, when looking for your product. When a customer is on the site and enters one of these words or keyword phrases into the search field, your product will be displayed (along with any others that use the same keywords).
      Tip: Include word(s) used in Main category and Additional categories. Then use any additional keywords you believe closely represent the item, separated by commas. Enter your name, and general item description e.g. bracelet, lemon grass, log cabin quilt
    • Short description - Enter an interesting, accurate, descriptive, informative, description. This may include characteristics including: size, measurements, colors, materials, uses, techniques, and other characteristics that set it apart from the competition
    • Detailed description - In addition to specifics about your product, consider using this space to tell your story including experience, awards, your journey, or other compelling information that builds a relationship between the customer and you. Also consider other unique characteristics including size, weight, colors, materials, clasps, etc. This will be displayed when the customer clicks on the Details button under the item in the storefront.
    • Title tag – Leave blank
    • META keywords – Leave blank
    • META description - Leave blank

    • Price - Price in U.S. Dollars
    • List Price Optional - if a List price is entered and is higher than the "Price" (above) a Customer will see "Save X%" on the products detail page.
    • Quantity in stock - Enter number of pieces available for sale. This automatically decrements as items are purchased. At "0" the product will automatically be marked "Out of stock".
    • Low limit - when this number is reached, you will receive email notifications of the low inventory.
    • Minimum order quantity - Fewest pieces or packages a customer can order. Typically one.
    • Product return time (days) - Your policy on how long a customer has to return the item if not satisfied. Typical is 14 to 30 days.

    • Weight - Leave 0.00 for now. Weight in pounds if applicable for shipping calculations, not currently enabled.
    • Free shipping - If "No" you can enter the shipping cost below.
    • Shipping freight ($) - All expenses you want to collect in connection with insurance, packaging, delivery, and currently taxes.
    • Use dimensions ... shipping cost calc.... - Leave blank as this is currently disabled.
    • Shipping box dimensions - Leave blank. Currently disabled.
    • Ship in separate box - Leave blank. Currently disabled.
    • Quantity for shipping box - Leave default.

    • Membership - Select All
    • Tax exempt - Leave No.
    • Apply global discounts - Leave checked, although it is not applicable currently.
    • Apply special offers discounts - Leave checked, although it is not applicable currently.
    • Give bonus points - Leave "0", although it is not applicable currently.

    Detailed Pictures

    Can be several pictures on the product detail page that show the product from different angles, or in different colors.
    Tip: Keep detailed picture sizes averaging around 1 MB

    1. First enter in your items the normal way described above. Then,
    2. On the left side, click on "Products" to get the Products Management page.
    3. Click "Search" leaving all the fields blank. This will bring you a list of all your items.
    4. Click on the Blue item name that you want to add detailed pictures to, and the specific page for that item will open.
    5. Near the top in the menu section, click on: "Detailed images"
    6. Scroll down a little and click on the Browse button, and find the next image of the item you want to add, and click Apply.
    7. (Optional) Type in "Alternative text" field if you want. Product name or even your name could be good here.
    8. Click "Upload"
    9. Repeat steps 6-8 with up to 10 photos of the item

    A pretty neat feature that spares the Customer time by looking at detail of one section at a time rather than opening an entire large photo at once is:

    Image Magnifier

    1. First enter in your items the normal way described on the Invited Artists page. Then,
    2. On the left side, click on "Products" to get the Products Management page.
    3. Click "Search" leaving all the fields blank. This will bring you a list of all your items.
    4. Click on the Blue item name that you want to add a Magnified picture to, and the specific page for that item will open.
    5. Near the top in the menu section, click on: "Images for X-Magnifier"
    6. Scroll down to “Add a new Image”
    7. Click “Browse” button
    8. Under “File on your local computer” click Browse and find the detailed high-resolution image. A Warning may arise that states “…maximum file size is 500MB. That’s a pretty big file these days. Our Canon EOS typically produces 5 to 10MB pictures that are highly detailed. Large files (like 5MB) will take a minute or so to upload though. But will eventually be displayed in the “Preview” box. So go ahead and upload a really good, high resolution picture.
    9. Then click the “Upload” button, and you’re done.
    You can check what it will look like to Customers by opening a Store window ( and finding and clicking on your product, then clicking on the “Click to zoom” link under the picture.

    Vacation or Show Stop

    While you attend a show, or go on vacation, you can temporarily disable all your products at once. This way, you can display all your items in the online store, and not worry about "holding back" products from your show schedule.

    If you want to disable them while at a show, or whatever, just temporarily disable them. But remember to re-enable them when you're back.

    Provider logs in

    1. Select Products link on the left
    2. Click Search button with nothing in the Search pattern box
    3. Under Search results, click Check all
    4. Click Modify selected button
    5. In the Product details section, scroll down and place a check mark in the small box next to Availability
    6. Next to Availability: in the drop down box, select Disabled
    7. Scroll to bottom and click, Save

    To make all products available again, follow the same steps as above, but in the Availability dropdown box, select, Available for sale

    Remember to scroll to the bottom and click on Save button.

    Product Options

    No reason to setup additional products for variations like size, color, and other minor variations. Use Product Options with your product.

    It's easy! Here's how -

    After you're logged in to the Provider area

    1. Click on Modify product
    2. Leaving the Search box blank, click the Search button to list all your products
    3. Click on the name of the product you want to add "Options" to
    4. Above the Product details area, click Product options
    5. Name the Option group like "Chain Size", "Soap fragrance", "Sports team" or whatever will help you know what these options refer to.
    6. Enter "Option text" which will be shown to the Customer. This may be "Choose Size", "Color Choices", or whatever you want the words to read. You can always change it later if you want something else.
    7. Options Group Type dropdown menu choose, Product variant
    8. Leave "OrderBy" blank if you are only using one set of options. This is used to set the order of multiple option groups (e.g. Sizes and Colors).
    9. Availability: Enabled
    10. Options list: In this box, enter your options in a column one under another like: (no commas, quotes, or anything else)
      16 inch
      18 inch
      24 inch

      Red Sox

      or whatever your options are. And you can use multiple sets of options if you want e.g. small medium large along with black, brown,and white.
    11. Click Add Options group button

      Always a good idea to go to the Customer site and make sure your product options look like you want.