John B Taylor Ceramics Mark, No "Made in USA" (photos)

Someone gave me a pitcher marked "John B Taylor Ceramics". When I tried to look the mark up, all I could find was a mark that said "John B Taylor Made in USA". Mine just has the name. Is this an earlier mark? It would be awesome to learn when this was made.

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Dec 07, 2023
John B Taylor marks NEW
by: Karen

I have a water or drink dispenser with a spigot that I think is J. B. Taylor. It has a 3 on the lid which I think means 3 gallon. The painted motif is a church. But on the bottom is a circle with "possibly" JBT in it. Are there any photos of this kind of mark to compare?

Thank you for the very informative site!

Oct 23, 2020
John B Taylor Ceramics, No "Made in U.S.A." NEW
by: Anonymous

I also have a John B Taylor Ceramics small picture that doesn't have the Made in U.S.A. mark also. Does anyone know the value of it?

Nov 09, 2019
Ivy patterned pitcher
by: Anonymous

The lid is chipped, but the pitcher is perfect. It just says John B. Taylor Ceramics on the bottom. When was it made and what might it be worth?

Jun 01, 2019
Harvest pear
by: Elva Ewell

I inherited from my mother and am just now unwrapping all the pieces. They are at least 28 years old because she has been deceased that long. They are in mint condition and purchased in KY where my dad was from. They we're only displayed and never used as I recall.
If anyone is interested, please contact me @

Jul 23, 2018
Un signed pieces NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a few large pcs of this pottery which were purchased 50 years ago. The large soup tureen and also the large cooler are not marked on the bottom? I do know they are authentic but all of my other pieces were signed?

Nov 09, 2017
John B Taylor Vintage Blue Pitcher NEW
by: Kerry

I have a Vintage Blue pitcher that is I think from the 60s since it just says "John B Taylor Ceramics Made in USA VINTAGE" I'm trying to figure out a value for it. It is 6.5"H X 9.5"W. Hoping you can help.

Feb 17, 2017
Vintage Ceramic Pieces NEW
by: Marilyn Tinetti

I have quite a few of the Vintage pieces that I received as gifts in 1967.
Listed are some of the pieces I own that are in excellent

Soup Tureen
Gravy Boat/Saucer
Chip and Dip Plate
Large Platter
Vegetable Dish
Oval Platter
4 Dinner Plates

Do you buy pieces and if so how would
I go about getting them to you.

Thank you,
Marilyn Tinetti
Merced, CA

Dec 07, 2016
John B Taylor Marks NEW
by: Ann Patrick

Thanks for the information! I have lots of these pieces that I've collected or been gifted over the past 45 years. The first piece I got was a large pitcher with the name scrawled in a circular pattern that I never could make out. Some pieces have just the initials JBT inside a circle, and just a few have the "Ceramics Make in USA" added to the name. My large flared top mugs have no mark at all.

Apr 09, 2015
Good to read NEW
by: Anita W. Waltman

i am pretty glad to add new information in my memory after reading such phenomenal addition over your blog. Happy sharing please.

cool ice-cream

Jul 24, 2012
John B Taylor date range
by: Joe

This mark dates before 1970 when the company changed names, and the piece it appears on here dates after 1954, because that is when the pattern, "Harvest", was introduced. The mark shown would be from the earlier part of that period. Sometime after 1954 the "Made in USA" was added (it is a marketing effort; country of origin marks were required only for imports). Sometime in the 1960's, the pattern title was added to the mark (John B Taylor Ceramics/ Made in USA/ Harvest). In 1970 the company was sold and the mark on this pattern became "Louisville Stoneware Company/ Made in Kentucky,USA / Harvest". The pattern remains active, but it is known today as "Pear".

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