My Great Grandmother's Mixing Crock

by Jill
(Ada, MI USA)

I have a beloved bowl which was handed down to me from my grandmother, who claimed to know little about it except it was her mom's - and was "always" used to stir cakes (I think it was cakes? It's been a long time since I've talked to my Grams.) Anyway, it is a mixing bowl, very deep (tall), made of pottery or crock-type material, a medium-to dark yellow color, and the only markings I discern are on the bottom: in about the middle of the base there is the number 10 -- stamped/carved into the pottery -- the 10 is placed INSIDE a crest which is, in turn, placed inside a circle. To the top left of that and there is a #4 (pound sign with a 4).

If I can give more information or a photo later on, I'd be happy to do that. (Currently my phone, w/ camera, is broken.) I'm interested in knowing if I should stop using this bowl or if it holds only sentimental value. :o)

Thank you!

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