Poreville USA 203.6 - Any Info Appreciated

by Brook Gupta
(Phelan CA)

My grandmother has a vase she got for a wedding present. It says "Poreville USA 203.6" it looks like a green leaf in the shape of a calla lily and has a little flower at the base.

We would just like to know a little bit more about the vase and company.

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Jan 08, 2013
Re: Poreville vase (Roseville) NEW
by: Liz

I have one from my mother that is stamped roseville U.S.A 377-LL" and it looks like you explained. It is green with leaves on it an a row of little pink flowersstemming from the leaves. it is about 6" s high. It has no chips or cracks and is in perfect condition. I also has a signature that looks kind of like E 5 with a verticle sqwiggly line after the 5.


Jun 16, 2012
by: Annies Oldies

I think what you are describing is Roseville. The # is the pattern and size. The pattern is Zephyr Lily, produced in the 1940s, it is a cornucopia vase and the vase is 6" high. Roseville Pottery is from Zanesville, Ohio, is quite collectible and according to my rather old value guide the value is about 110-175 in perfect condition... no chips, cracks, etc. The value may be a bit less now with the internet and things being more available.

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