Featured Pottery Artists

The Pottery Artists invited to appear on Brothers-Handmade are all highly skilled people who have honed their crafts to a fine art. Whether throwing clay on a pottery wheel, hand building, salt firing, or sculpting, these Artists are setting the standard and moving the trend in high quality handmade creations.

They have learned and perfected special techniques, and then taken their craft to the next level.

When we said on our home page, "We are so completely impressed with the skill and creativity the Craftspeople of America have exhibited." Pottery Artists such as these is what we are talking about....

During our recent travels to Fine Arts and Craft Festivals, Art Centers, and the like, The Brothers have selected a few Pottery Artists that have stood out among the crowd.

In many cases they are now teaching other aspiring apprentices their art form. Artist’s like ...

Deborah Slahta Raku Vase

Deborah Slahta

of Pennsylvania, throwing and firing her Raku designs using a tape resist technique among others. Deborah uses her vessel as a three-dimensional canvas, playing with lines, circles, triangles. After all, she did get her college degree in mathematics.

...more about Deborah Slahta

Tom Radca pottery plate

Tom Radca

of Ohio with his African inspired textured ceramic vessels and wall hangings. Tom uses a specialized reduction process similar to Raku that Tom light-heartedly dubs "Radco".

...more about Tom Radca

Larry Allen Unity vessel

Larry Allen

from Alabama with his signature 9/11 inspired Unity design; a bright red and gray slip Sgraffito decorated vessel that was also quite eye catching recently at the Delray Arts Festival in Florida. Sgraffito is a technique that brings together the use of slips with incising.

...more about Larry Allen

Brenda McMahon porcelain vessel

Brenda McMahon

with her orange matte finished saggar fired porcelain, which catches the eye of nearly every Fine Arts festival goer. We also noted art lovers snapping up her beautiful flowing ceramic wall hangings as well.

...more about Brenda McMahon

Dennis Maza ceramic vessel pottery

Dennis Maza

of New Jersey – A craftsman and artist since he was 10 years old and watched an experienced potter at the Kutztown Folk Festival throw a vessel on the pottery wheel. Dennis creates art in a variety of mediums with a primary focus on wheel thrown ceramic arts. In addition to working in his own studio, Dennis taught Art to school age kids for 35 years.

Roy Bachert horse-hair raku pottery

Kris Ann and Roy Bachert

work as a team throwing their unique and beautiful white burnished horsehair Raku pottery. Roy will often do the wheel work while Krisann will work with the cutouts and horsehair Raku firing techniques.

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