Stoneware Jug with Blue Painted Bird

by Lori
(Midwest Illinois)

Front of jug

Front of jug

I have several primitive and antinque items I am going to have to sell and need help identifying them, especially this stoneware handled jug with bird painted on it in blue. There is an imprinted mark on the top part of the jug that says (in all capital letters): "Water V_ _ _ M_ _ _ _" I can only read "Water" for sure, then maybe it is Valley or even looks like V A L L L - something and 3rd word starts with an "M" and looks like 2 S's at the end so maybe Miss or Mass? It also has initials scratched into the bottom side that I can't read. They look like "L M" in the picture, but maybe three initials linked together such as "L P_"

The jug is a yellowish, tanish color with a painted bird and design in blue on the side. It has a cork stopper in the opening, and a handle at the top. It is in very good condition.

Please help me out if you can! Thanks, Lori

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