Wedding Pottery with Indian Looking Scenes

I have three pieces of this pottery and I will try to describe it the best I can. The first is a wedding pottery piece-It is brown on top and goes down to a beige color. The pictures on the piece looks like a child might have took a sharp tool and drew them which are Indian marks such as a buffalo, and Indian bird, two arrows crossed each other, a lightning strike a teepee and the sun with beams coming out from it. It also has other drawings which I do not recognize them. When I bought it, someone had a half sticker of Rosemeade, but I do not believe this is true because they have nothing that looks like this. The only markings is a A 10 with the bottom glazed also. I do not know how to send a picture-sure wish I did. So curious about them. I hope and pray without a picture, that you maybe can help. Please HELP! Pat

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