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Wire jewelry is finding it’s own place among jewelry designers, and can be a work of art as the single element in jewelry. But when wire is combined with beads and gems, or even more obscure additions such as resin, wood, or feathers, a piece can be the most stylish accessory you own.

Current trends in wire jewelry range from a name in wire script, to wire’s distant cousin, hammered metal. Here are a few current trends to look for:

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Shapes in wire
Necklaces with wire formed into words or names are a popular alternative to plated pieces that have been stamped out from sheets of metal. Additionally, geometric shapes can be fashioned in wire, with circles, triangles and squares falling elegantly from earring posts, connecting like chains, or supporting gems in larger pieces. The most popular example of this is the chandelier earrings which are wire bases in triangle or teardrop shapes with the beads added below.

Wires and beads
Chandelier earrings are only one example of the thousands of ways beads can be integrated with wire to create dynamic, trendy pieces. A single bead entwined in wire can be just as eye-catching as hundreds of tiny beads dangling from thin metal “strings”.

Unusual combinations of wire and beads are becoming popular. Pearls are not just for plain strings anymore; the most popular pearl pieces effortlessly integrate twisted wire pearls, and more eye-catching sparkling beads. You’ll also see wire wrapped around wooden beads, securing resin discs, or even entwining marbles for a truly unique look.

Twisted wire
Twisted wire has become a craze all it’s own. Thin pieces of wire can be entwined, braided or even skillfully crocheted to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Thicker pieces of wire can be softened and twisted to from elegant spirals or dainty corkscrews. These pieces are often more costly, due to the skill and time involved, but ornately twisted pieces are sure to become your wardrobe classics.

From chain-link style full necklaces to a simple braided twist that might fall from an ear, watch for twisted pieces that combine the current trend with classic charm.

Other Metals
Wire crossovers include cuffs and hammered metal discs that are the flat cousins of wire jewelry. Usually affixed to larger pieces by wire, hammered metal can be long-lasting, timeless pieces that have been worn by popular women from Cleopatra to Angelina Jolie. Thick pieces have virtually no long-term problems with breaking, wearing or weak spots.

With all your wire jewelry pieces, take care to know the type of metal you're purchasing and watch for weak spots. You don’t want to find the perfect piece only to discover it discolors your skin or breaks on the first wear. However, metal is exceptionally durable, and when cared for properly and cleaned often, your wire pieces will serve you well for years to come.

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